Welcome to my Recipe and Lifestyle blog.  I was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in Buffalo, New York.  I have 3 siblings and their darling families and my mom and dad who are still in Buffalo.  I moved to Arizona in 2006 for work and have created a loving network of family and friends.

Throughout the years I have loved to be in the kitchen, creating and making food that makes mouths water and hearts melt.  My love for food and cooking comes from my paternal Grandmother who was a staple in the kitchen.  Every gathering was surrounded with food on every flat surface, music in the basement or garage and laughter and socializing for days on end.  While growing up in Buffalo, every summer my dad would plan this elaborate garden in our backyard.  One field just for corn and melons and the other for tomatoes, squash, lettuce, peppers, green beans and even a small patch for asparagus.  Fruit trees lined the back fence too.  In the summer months we had a cornucopia of vegetables and every day I would think of new ways to cook and serve them to my family.

Now that I have two children of my own, cooking and the kitchen brings us together every day.

I have a kitchen of staples.  Flour, butter and sugar and all of the necessary baking essentials.  On the other side of the cupboard you’ll find lentils and canned tomatoes along with other goodies waiting to be in the spotlight.

I cook dinner from scratch every night.  On the weekends I cook all three meals and sometimes even the dessert.  It’s a joy that calms me and soothes me.

As for my crazy kid sprinkled lifestyle, it’s basketball and ballet.  I was a basketball coach for almost a decade and lucky me my son loves it and my boyfriend is involved in basketball as well.  My daughter has found her love for ballet and reminds me of when I was little and did ballet.  So if I am not in the kitchen then I am in the car going to practice or a dress rehearsal or a game.  It’s also rare that I only have my two, usually there is an extra kid here and there.

My home is my sanctuary, my place of comfort and quiet.  When you walk in the door my home hugs you and wraps its arms around you and instantly makes you feel relaxed.  It brings me much delight when friends come over and just slump down and go to auto pilot.  They come to eat and laugh and be rolled away after all the goodies have been served.  It’s a lovely thing.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy my life and those that I share it with and the food that comforts us all and brings us closer and the life moments that knock us out of the park and bring joy to our hearts.