Fridge Check

It’s that time again – what’s in your fridge?

Giant bags of spinach and broccoli. They’re our favorite side dishes!

All sorts of ripe tomatoes in all types of sizes – Roma, Campari, cherry!!! Roasted or raw – yum!

Strawberries, bananas and cuties. Healthy snacks!

Organic chicken pulled from the bone!!! Divided – dark vs white. Soups, chicken salad!

Unsweetened vanilla almondmilk. Cereal’s sidekick

Organic grass fed beef! Tacos!

Cottage cheese – with fruit for a light snack

Sour cream – coffee cakes of course

Yogurt tubes

Bags and bags of cheese – quesadillas, toppings!!!

Tortillas – quesadillas

Corn on the cob – yum!

Whipped cream – a little something for the strawberries

And in the cupboard:

Smokehouse almonds

Coconut clusters

Turkey jerky

Baking supplies galore

Macaroni and sauces

Indian curries


So much healthy goodness!!!

Stay healthy – snack wisely – moderation

Keep your kids healthy – you buy the food – don’t feed them garbage!!!!

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