Kitchen Stock Up

I keep a handful of items on hand in my kitchen, on the off chance I need to throw a cake together or make a casserole for someone, it’s there.

Buttermilk – biscuits, chocolate cakes

Half and Half – eggs, coffee, desserts

Cream Cheese – frostings, taco dip

Heavy Cream – quiche, frosting, ice creams

Frozen blueberries – muffins, smoothies

Butter – everything – kidding – biscuits – madeleines – cookies – cakes – veggies

Powdered Sugar – frosting – dusting for waffles and french toast

Yeast – homemade breads and cinnamon rolls

Maple Syrup (pure) – homemade granola, coffee cakes

Mesquite Seasoning  – veggies, meat, eggs

Really strong Coffee – chocolate cakes, coffee, ice cream

All of these ingredients have dual or more purpose.  Whether used by itself or paired with a pack of other ingredients to make something delicious, they’re must haves, well at least for my kitchen.


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