Happy Saturday

Saturdays are usually crazy and I am running around chauffeuring the kids back-and-forth to their sports or their friends or some other activity. This was the first weekend in a long time where I did not have to do any of that or at least not all of it. I decided to bake a little and cook a little and put some stuff away for the week that would make the week a little easier to get through. I consistently try to make banana bread once a week as I buy bananas and refuse to waste food, so they end up being homemade bread. I also decided since the weather was cool and the flu seems to be going around that I would make some homemade chicken noodle soup. Then I got an itch for some chocolate and decided to make fudgy chocolate brownies because they’re not something that I make all of the time or hardly ever. The kitchen smells lovely. The front door is open for cool air and a breeze and a bottle of rose made its way to the counter and I had a glass (or two) for once and enjoyed the day. Cheers to quiet Saturdays – I like this.

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