Move Over Rover

The holidays are finally over.  Thank God.  We can put our houses and lives back together.  Return to cooking normal meals and desserts.  Peace and tranquility have been restored.

I love cleaning supplies.  Products, vacuums, brooms etc.  I have two vacuums for my OCD.  One is a Dyson the other an Oreck.  I love them both.  However, the Dyson is on its last leg.  Some 10 years later, it’s finally like No I’m good use the other guy.

I recently took it apart because there has been this heinous squeaking sound coming from it that causes my little dogs to howl and my little Fred the bunny cringes every time I turn it on, LOL.

I am going to replace it with another Dyson.  My Oreck is wonderful but it doesn’t have a hose or any tools so it doesn’t do the little things I need it to do.

I have been scouring Amazon for new Dysons for weeks now.  I will make a decision in the next coming weeks and I am sure I will be absolutely elated when it finally arrives.

At my age it’s the little things in life.  Vacuums!!!!!

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