BBQ ❤️

I love BBQ and so do the kiddos.

Sprouts has whole racks of ribs on sale – baby back pork ribs.  We don’t eat pork but make a yearly exception for these.

Favorite potatoes are homemade scalloped so I figured while waiting for the pork to slowly BBQ, I would throw a pan of these together.

I had fresh asparagus on hand and wrapped that up in foil with some spices and olive oil and threw that on the grill too.

I rub the ribs (both sides) with a special seasoning and then lightly coat them in bbq sauce before laying foil down on the grill and placing the ribs on top.

I let them grill nice and slow at a lower temperature and then towards the end, for a little crunch, I kick up the heat.

I make this as a weeknight dinner when no one has sports practices so they patiently wait for the yum to come off the grill and out of the oven.

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