Bunny Lunch

Since we can’t really get too religious in schools these days, my Easter Lunch was renamed the Bunny Lunch.  I collaborated with the help of my Neighborhood Walmart and Mike (Manager) and Miranda (Assistant Manager), who managed to give some 4th graders a whole lot of Bunny a.k.a. Easter joy.  My Neighborhood Walmart donated spiral hams, potato salad and three Bunny Baskets to the 3 winners of the Coloring Contest.

I put together some quick and easy treat bags for the kids along with picking up some healthy snacks and some cookies for dessert!

I think it’s important to do what you can for those that might not have the little luxuries in life.  The school is located within the city limits and most of the families are Hispanic.  Not every family makes a 6 figure income and for those that don’t and have multiple children, it’s nice to be able to spoil them a little bit for random holidays.

Fred the Bunny came to the classroom too, although I am not too sure how thrilled he was, he came along anyhow.  The kids loved him.  He sat in his little bucket and ate his greens and just chilled out.

The oodles of smiles and joy filled the classroom and it was really a joyful experience.

Happy Easter weekend and I hope it’s lovely for all of you.

XOXO, Melissa

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