Happy Unicorn Birthday

The girl child wants a Unicorn Birthday party this year for the big 1-0.  Ha!  So thank you TJMAXX for your unicorn party in a box and matching napkins and cake plates.  I have decided to do a mid-afternoon birthday shindig with an ice cream sundae bar.  Last year, her birthday was at a pool and we almost died from the heat.  The ice cream melted, the people melted, misery was shared by all, along with sunburn and early skin cancer.

So inside it will be with friends and unicorn stuff, a ton of ice cream and a side of air conditioning and hopefully some happiness.

As a side note, for birthday parties, I always have a full bar for the adults.  No one really wants to go to a kid birthday party and drink Capri Suns.  Ugh.  I even have my one girlfriend make a super rummy rum cake that eating that alone can get you tipsy.

Since it’s the afternoon, I don’t have to have a full on meal and I can just relax.  I am thinking the sundae bar, cupcakes and some dishes of her favorite candy.

Dinner will be a strawberry chicken salad to counteract the afternoon of sweets, LOL.

I can’t wait and it will be here before you know it!


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