Pizza Love

It’s the pan, the crust and the ingredients.  For the longest time I didn’t think the pan mattered at all.  But then would get annoyed when the crust was mushy or doughy in the middle and extra crunchy (like rip your teeth out of your mouth hard).  I also for the longest just stuck with pepperoni.  Not anymore friends, while pizza is still nostalgic when made with basic pizza ingredients, it also gets an edge when you get a little fancy.

Sunday nights are easy nights for cooking.  Plus it’s Super Bowl Sunday, so I made some snacks and didn’t need to make a huge Sunday dinner.  Tonight I opted for pizza.  A traditional pizza crust made on my new favorite pan along with some yummy organic ingredients that took it to a whole new level.  Organic spinach chicken sausage along with roasted red peppers and marinated artichokes adorned this rectangular gem and fed the family after a trough full of homemade snacks and dips.  Served alongside the pizza was a small side salad, delicious enough to delight any non-veggie lover.

An easy dinner with easy ingredients but with an out of this world scrumptious taste.

Happy Sunday peeps.

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