Weekend Dinner

It’s nice to have a carefree yet hearty dinner on the weekend.  This is a go-to for sure.

4 pound rump roast

2 closed chopped garlic

1 yellow onion, sliced

1 packet of au jus gravy

1 packet ranch dip

A few pepperoncinis and their juice

Salt and pepper the roast.

Place in a crock pot, sprinkle the au jus and ranch over the meat and add the juice from the peppers (about 2 tbsp) and the peppers on top.  Then add in stick of softened salted butter.

Turn on low.

Walk away.  Run errands.  Read the paper.  Enjoy life.

About 7-8 hours later, it should be bubbly and so tender that it just falls apart.  Serve over steamed rice with a hefty side salad as its dinner pal and some garlic steamed broccoli.  Get out the horseradish too!!!

This dinner is so yummy and it makes everyone smile from ear to ear.

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