Happy 2018

I went to Whole Foods today and picked up some goodies.

Black mussels, large clams and some shrimp to pop open in a garlic white wine broth and then to dredge garlic bread through the liquid. Served alongside this easy masterpiece of deliciousness will be sautéed Brussels sprouts and some pasta tossed in garlic, butter and pesto. Scrumptious huh 😊😊

Happy 2018, here’s a to New Year filled with love and joy and deep belly laughs! Here’s to songs that make you dance till you’re sweaty and songs that make you run for miles and stay healthy!

To friends and family that love you and respect you and to food…food that makes you feel emotions that were once hidden, that triggers happy memories and makes you crack a sincere smile, food that isn’t the norm that isn’t something you’d typically eat but are being adventurous! Food that brings you all to the table and spreads joy. To 2018, may it be absolutely scrumptious!!!!

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