Merry Christmas 🎄

A very Merry Christmas to all of you.  May your day be filled with lovely presents and hugs and smiles and laughter that fills the room.  I hope the food that makes it to you is warm and filled with love and scrumptious and food coma worthy.

We start the day with fresh Italian fried doughnuts! Then for lunch I make a small salad with walnuts and cranberries and cheese and a fresh made lemon vinaigrette.  Dinner is a standing rib roast, scalloped potatoes laced with swiss and gruyere cheeses, sauteed spinach, rolls and pie for dessert.

Last night I made thanksgiving dinner all over again.  We’ll be having leftovers for the next week!  I can’t wait.  I can gather my recipes on my work week off and determine what will grace our table for 2018.

Have a very merry time with family and friends.  Make today wonderful and filled with lots of great memories.

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