Happy Sunday

Will is back home from traveling to Portland.  The kids were up quasi-early after a late night birthday party and I am up and about thinking of things to cook up and bake.

This morning was a light egg dish (some yolks removed) and some vegetables sautéed before thrown together in a crustless pie dish and topped with spoonfuls of fresh ricotta.  Grits are next with some butter and cheese.  I made some banana bread yesterday along with some delightful espresso in my coffee press.  The leftover coffee became iced coffee for today so I have something cool and caffeinated to sip on while reading the Times.

It’s days like this that you can’t give up.  The cool autumn air fills the house in the early hours when I throw open every door and window.

I get laundry and floor washing out of the way and then focus on the pantry.

My boss’ birthday is Tuesday.  There was a request for brocakes and she happened to mention that her favorite cake was a rum cake, so as soon as Amazon delivers my bundt cake pan I will be golden.

Lunch is Korean ramen soup with veggies.

Dinner tonight is going to be chicken andouille, potato and kale cream soup with sautéed asparagus and roasted tomatoes as side dishes.

Will leaves again tomorrow for a week stretch so I’ll just be making some easy dishes and then upon his return make some grand dishes for his welcome home.

Have a lovely week filled with scrumptious finds and homemade goodies.  Splurge on some truffle oil and make some homemade french fries.  A small little delight for yourself when no one is looking.

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