Apple Cake for All

Apples on top of a fluffy yummy cake and right out of the oven sounds like heaven to me.

There are so many food blogs out there these days.  I religiously follow 4.  That’s right 4.  Out of the tens of thousands there are 4 I rely on.

Smitten Kitchen is about this wonderful woman who lives in NYC and out of her ‘tiny’ NY apartment come these wonderful foodie delights that will charm the pants off our super snotty friends.  They’re lovely recipes with even more scrumptious outcomes.

Mom’s Apple Cake is an easy recipe and quite welcoming for the Fall season and truly brings joy to the table and mouths of those it’s feeding.  I decided tonight, a few days after my birthday, to stop and make a cake I could enjoy outside in the cool autumn breeze after the kids are off to sleep.

Make this and don’t delay, the smell is lovely, the sight is pleasing and the taste is mouth watering.  Thank you Ms. Perelman for your culinary genius and heartfelt food.

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