Unicorn Pillow

I love this unicorn pillow to death.  His eyes are how I feel most days even though I may be looking like a lovely unicorn, my overall skepticism of others frames my brow.

Etsy has little treasures hidden throughout the site.  I have bought little trinkets as well as several different kinds of gifts and items for myself.  Most of the items are homemade from tiny little shops in the middle of nowhere.  They’re great because every Tom, Dick and Harry doesn’t own what you have and they’re unique.  In the age of GAP and Nordstrom, it’s nice to find things that no one else has or could possibly own in the near future.

This ostrich print happens to be one of my favorite purchases.  It’s a sketch of an ostrich where its tail is constructed of living flowers and then photographed.  It’s on my wall in the family room above the big couch and it’s quite lovely.

I bought this handkerchief for one of my girlfriends when she got married, something old-something blue.

This shop has come in handy for cute party essentials that all match or go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Like I said Etsy has a few surprises and it’s nice not be able to give and get items that not everyone has in their home/bedroom/closet.  Give it a try.

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