Plant-Based Yummies

Last night I made tofu/vegetable stir fry with steamed rice….the other night it was marinara with plant-based ground crumbles and linguine….we have had chili and taco night with plant based grilled ‘chicken’ strips too.


Beyond Meat has become our go to brand of plant-based proteins.  None of it tastes like plants or fake anything.  It acquires the taste that its being cooked in and it really is scrumptious and very good for you.  We still eat meat once or twice a week in combination with seafood too.

We also are moving towards less dairy, sugar and eggs.  We use egg whites on occasion if we are having scrambled eggs and eat So Delicious Cashewmilk ice cream instead of cow’s milk ice cream.  Honestly, you can’t tell the difference, but your body can and it will thank you in the long run.

We still have the occasional cupcake in an ice cream cone or hot fudge or rainbow sprinkles on our cashewmilk ice cream but it’s all in moderation.  We have a salad at every meal even when we’d rather be eating french fries.  We drink water instead of Gatorade and juice or soda.  Our bodies weren’t meant to process so much artificial and dead tissue.  We have to do what we can to preserve our health.  What’s alarming is someone recently asked me if I had cancer.  Me: Ummm, no, why are you asking?  Them: Oh because you eat like a cancer patient.  Me: Exactly my point, eat like this now and avoid cancer.

Be kind to your body and what goes into it and fuels it.  It matters.


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