Take-Out or Sit Down

Sometimes you gotta do it.  You gotta order take-out, bring a pizza home or go sit somewhere and remember to use your table manners.  Take-out and dining out doesn’t have to equal garbage choices.

There are lots of healthy food choices out there, you just have to be smart about it and pick the right yummies so no one spends the evening on the toilet, ha!

Here are a few great options around the area where I live….

Pita Jungle is a great place to find vegetarian options along with some of the best marinated chicken in town that’s grilled to perfection.

Spinatos has great thin crust pizza with a sweeter sauce and really great fresh vegetable toppings.

St. Francis is a lovely restaurant setting with lovely food.  Their ingredients are always in season and the atmosphere is really peaceful.  They may have the best homemade bread and jam in town too.

Flower Child has excellent vegetarian and vegan options, portions are completely under control and their house made Kombucha is really a treat at the end of your Forbidden Rice bowl.

I am sure there are hundreds of others, but this handful of choices will make your mouth water and you’ll be glad that every once in a while you let someone else do the hard work in the kitchen.





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