Memory Heaven 

It was time.  For a new mattress.  The last one was over 8 years old and I have been tempted to cut off my own back due to the pain lately.  We decided on memory foam.  It came vacuum sealed flat as an 88 pound pancake can get.  

There it is in all of its glory.  Soft yet firm.  12 inches of heaven.  Will helped me get the old lumpy one out and the new one in and laid on it for a minute and was like ‘ooooo’.  

I’ll have to find some clever recipe that reminds me of a cloud.  Hmmmm…..ooooo I know exactly what to make….

Anyway the mattress brand is Zinus and can be found on Amazon ( of course ) from $465 to $219 it was quite a steal 😉.

The reviews were great.  No smells for me.  Didn’t take long to fluff up to its full 12 inch potential.  Like a cloud to sleep on.  A+.

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