Five Years Later 

I finally used my spa gift card my dear friend Mandy gave me one year for Christmas or Birthday ( it’s been so long I can’t even remember).

We went to the Aji Spa out in Chandler, AZ at the Wild Horse Pass Casino and Resort.  It was magnificent and relaxing and wonderful.

Our spa appointments weren’t until the afternoon so we went early so I could take a yoga class and then we could lounge by the pool all day and read girly magazines and relax.

Around 11am or so we ordered some cocktails and some hummus.

I hadn’t had a pina colada in ages so that was my drink of choice.  The hummus had these crackers with sunflower 🌻 seeds and other grains on them and the hummus was divine.  The hummus had fresh olive oil floating on top along with some ricotta (I think it was ricotta- ha!) and fried chick peas throughout.  

I had the Aji massage and Mandy had a facial with a last minute chemical peel.  Her face looked fabulous when we were done and she didn’t look like a lobster either! 

My massage was lovely.  Stella was my masseuse.  😊 

7 hours later I was like jello and I was happy from my core.  What a lovely way to spend the day, with a wonderful friend and some scrumptious drinks and a snack too die for.

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