Little Things, Big Statement 

It’s the little things that snowball and create something wonderful – a bigger picture per se.  This applies to many things in life, including home decor.

I love World Market.  Stella’s best friend, her mom, loves World Market too.  For holidays and random family friend dinners she always surprises me with delightful little packages containing some sort of World Market goody. 

My family room is sprinkled with white marble and gold accented items.  I happened to be out and about and decided to pop into WM.

As I walked in I was greeted by desk accessories in marble and gold, yay! 

These items were small enough on their own and when put together they made a big fabulous statement.  I figured the paperclip can hold bills or pictures (pictures preferred) and the pencil holder for pencils ✏️ (#2) of course and some gel pens and then the divider for more bills (me begrudging adulting) and maybe the occasional picture Stella draws for me.

Whatever their use ends up being they’re delightful to look at and bring some consistency to the room as a whole and lend a helping hand into the bigger decor picture. 

An added plus?  They were on sale.  I didn’t break the bank. 

I sauntered out of WM, wallet and bank account unharmed and a smile on my face.

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