Tuxedos and Roses 

A.K.A. Mussels and Clams with Shrimp…. clever huh!

I made it a point not to raise picky eaters and I have succeeded (except for the occasional raw tomato).

1 pound of mussels

1 pound clams

1 pound of extra large shrimp

1 lemon

6 garlic cloves thinly sliced

1 whole chopped yellow onion

1 stick butter

1 cup chicken stock

 1 cup dry white wine

Salt and pepper to taste

Crushed red pepper

Chopped parsley

Saute the onion and thinly sliced garlic in the butter and some olive oil

Add the chicken stock and white wine

Add the salt and pepper and crushed red pepper

Saute the shrimp and once pink remove the shrimp only from the pan

Add the cleaned up mussels and clams, keeping the heat on medium

Cover the pot and watch the mussels and clams pop open

Once they’re all open add the shrimp back in and sprinkle the top with the chopped parsley and squeeze the fresh lemon on top of it as well

Find the crustiest french bread you can get your hands on and start dipping.

I serve this with a tossed salad too and usually some oven roasted tomatoes (olive oil and salt).

It’s really a simple delicious meal that almost anyone would eat and when the bread soaks up the juices it really just closes the circle and makes it all so heavenly.

Like I said Tuxedos with Roses and some crusty bread, who wouldn’t come running to the dinner table.


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