July 4, 2017

Logan and Stella leave for New York for a month to be with my parents and family.  They’re excited and so am I.  They get to spend time with my parents and my siblings and their cousins, they get to swim and eat vegetables and melons out of my dad’s garden in the great big grassy backyard and they get to just be kids and be outside and play.

They went 3 years ago for the entire summer.  It was too long of a trip for them to be away from me and the kids back East are still in school until the end of June.  So for almost a month they didn’t really have anyone to play with.  This year I decided to wait until July because the kids would be out of school and there would be more for them to do.

I have decided to relax and breathe.  I made plans (5 years later) to go to the spa with my friend and do more yoga and exercise in general.  I will have less to clean and more time to just do the things I miss doing.  Reading the paper and drinking coffee, eating dinner at 7 instead of 5, sleeping in, having lady time with my friends and dates with Will.

I get to see my girlfriend, who just had a baby, and cook for her and hold the baby.

I hope they have a wonderful time.  I hope they soak up the nice weather and enjoy my parents and family.  I hope they get to see Katie and others too.  I know they will make lovely memories while they’re there and that’s what is important.  I am in AZ and they are in NY, it’s a distance and it’s time and money that is hard to come by, but it will be worth every penny saved and I hope they love every minute they spend there.

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