Happy 9th Birthday Stella

Happy birthday Stella 💜

Yes, even in the 110 degree heat we had an outdoor pool party and only the strongest arrived and survived.

You were forced to swim thanks to the weather. 

But it was successful and fun.  Stella had a blast, ice cream was eaten in lightning speed and the cake was a hit too. 

We swam for two whole hours and soaked up the sun and laughed and had a great time.

Earlier that morning Will surprised her with a few goodies too.  She was thrilled.  He found a Beauty and the Beast fidgetspinner and she loved it.

I’d say it was a successful day for sure.

Her actual birthday is today.  She went to summer camp and will be surprised later today with more presents and a movie outing with her Big Sister Lauren (that she was matched with a month ago or so.)  They’re like twins and I love it. 

Her birthday was filled with so many crafts and artsy things and pool fun and she was enamored by it all.  What a wonderful thing to be a little girl who loves crafts and friends and family and had the most wonderful day ever.

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