Upside Down 🍍 or Right Side Up 🍒???

The glory of the pineapple upside down cake brings warmth and sweetness and a cake batter that could soothe even the angriest soul. 

I make mine in a pan I have previously made homemade caramel sauce in, but you can use a seasoned cast iron skillet too.  Fresh pineapple cut into thick juicy slices and maraschino cherries sit on top of a light and fluffy batter with crunchy edges (thanks to the brown sugar topping and sugar in the batter).

I wait 5 minutes before I flip it out of the pan too.  It’s taken a few upside down fails to get that perfected but even a messy one of these is worth the forkful of goodness.

The old lady in me loves this cake.  Seriously and sometimes I sneak in a tiny dollap of vanilla ice cream too.

So whether it’s upside down or right side up, it’s all the way around scrumptious.

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