Free People – Free Me 

There are rare moments where I see an article of clothing over $25 that I want to buy.  Are you wondering why?  Because I have two kids to shop for my and my income doesn’t allow for Kyrie’s and Kobe’s and LeBron’s and expensive items for the mama. 

With that said I prefaced it with ‘there are rare moments’ and I have found two pieces that are worth splurging on.  

Free People holds the inner boho chic gal in me (deep down) and I love their clothes.  There are ways to wear their pieces so you’re not mistaken for an unshowered hippie or a college kid who’s wasted from the night before.

Behold: 🖤💙

The romper is made of a sheer gauzy fabric and I imagine can be tastefully worn to look less like a bathing suit coverup.  With the right undergarments and accessories it can definitely be worn out for a movie night or date night or Sunday boozy brunch.

As for the maxi *sigh*….I just love it.  Whether sitting outside and reading the paper, walking through Target, date night with Will or lady time lunch, it’s doable.

Imagine it with gold leather flip flops and a crossbody bag or a straw clutch with some pom poms.  Delightful, right? 

Free People is kind of the step-sister to my more refined love, Anthropologie.  They’re alisgned but Anthropologie has more office finds whereas FP allows your boho flag to fly freakishly high. 

Enjoy lovelies. 

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