What a Lofty Idea….

The Loft always has good sales and good finds.  I used to hate chain stores because I would be terrified that five other women in the street would be wearing what I was wearing, but two kids later and a mortgage payment, who cares! 

My three latest finds from The Loft gently bring in tones of summer, breezy and cozy felt comfort.  

Dresses I can wear to the office and could pass for lady dinner outfits and a romper for the weekends when running around with my minis or on a date with Will. 

Where can one go wrong?  Plus the sales and coupons are always a good thing.  I think I paid less than $60 for all three pieces…yay for my wallet.

I remember my Gucci and Louis Vuitton days and who knows maybe if this blog takes off I’ll return to those luxury brands but for now my vintage, pre-children luxury items adorn my arm on occasion and I am totally fine with that.  💜

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