Swimming + Kids = Zombie Coma 

Yay for summer being here…maybe not the 120 degree weather but….

Endless hours of swimming for the kids is a magical time for all to be had….

Not only are my two fish but so are their friends.  With that acknowledged, I can relax and swim with them and then watch from the side on a lounge chair with my name written all over it.  

Today was nearly a 7 hour swim marathon and if it could have gone on longer it would have, no questions asked.  There was happiness to be had all the way around.  

Even though Stella was outnumbered, she managed to have a glorious time as well.

They were in the lazy river, down slides, in and out of a variety of pools…under a waterfall and lastly the pool with the built in basketball hoop was calling their names and they heard it calling for them! 

Add some pizza in between and some water and a few s’mores and you have the happiest kids on the planet.

The ride home was silent.  Like the silence before a zombie apocalypse.  They were exhausted from swimming and it was great.

Prior to this lovely afternoon of sunny, salty swimming, Will and I snuck off to have breakfast together at a nearby local kitchen.  

His green tea smoothie and my iced coffee were refreshing and light and so delicious.  He ordered monkey bread French toast and I had the traditional…poached eggs, sausage, roasted red potatoes and marble rye with homemade butter.  We sat outside on the patio of Luci’s on 12th street and just enjoyed the weather and the food.

I have a little list of hidden food gems and Luci’s is one of them.  It’s Anthropologie meets food and drink from local farms and seasonal ingredients.  That’s the environment, make sense? 

The outdoor has a large patio with a splash  pad for the littles and tons of adirondack and rocking chairs sprinkled throughout.  The misters keep you cool and the smells float you to the front door.

It was a nice way to have a breakfast date and glad we did because those quiet, laughter filled dates make it worth it.  🖤💛

Hopefully everyone else had a great Saturday spent with friends and family…ah cheers to summer memories…

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