What’s in your Fridge? 

What’s in season of course…. and a few other finds…yellow mangos, plum tomatoes, apricots and nectarines, cherries, strawberries, cucumbers, Korean bean sprouts (in the blue bowl) and of course, a giant vat of Kimchee….

Ok, so I know the tomatoes and mangos should be on the counter but because of tiny pesky fruit flies, I keep them in the fridge until I know I am going to use them…only then do I take them out and place them on the counter for a few hours…

My favorite brand of almondmilk is pictured here, as well as a ginormous jug of year-round homemade coquito…Will doesn’t like drinks that taste like alcohol so this nice creamy concoction hides the white rum well inside the coconut milks and creams..

I can think of so many yummy things to make these fresh ingredients and believe me, I will and I will be taking pictures of my yummies to share with you too.  

Mangos for smoothies…

Tomatoes for marinara or roasted tomatoes with olive oil and sea salt

Strawberries for strawberry pound cake 

Kimchee for breakfast lunch and dinner ha! 

Cherries to go with plain yogurt and some honey

Cucumbers to sweep through chilled dill dip 

Apricots and nectarines for a rustic open faced sugar sprinkled crostata 

This weekend is going to be so fun!!!

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