Korean Chicken Noodle Soup….

Japchae noodles (sweet potato noodles) …chunks of chicken tenders… veggies and a slurry of green colored condiments…yummylicious 

Weeknight dinners don’t have to be crazy and hard and time consuming, and there’s nothing wrong with the one pot wonder…

Granted it’s above 100 degrees outside, it’s still soup worth slurping on….

Chicken stock about 8 cups 

Thinly sliced onion and garlic 

Green onions 

Chicken breast tenders about 2 pounds

Snap peas 

Red pepper diced

Mushrooms sliced 

Add everything to the stock and let it boil 15-25 min 

Add the chicken tenders 

Wait about 15 min and stir occasionally 

Add the japchae noodles and some sliced jalapeño for kick

Serve and slurp and smile and enjoy this easy delightful pot of Korean goodness 🍜

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