Vinyasa for the Soul

I follow this yoga teacher on YouTube and it’s delightful.  She has a calm voice, is like a human gumby and she makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud even when being stretched beyond your expectations.

Yoga by Adrienne.

I do my best to do yoga three times a week, when no one is looking or calling my name (Mom).  I quietly slip out my bedroom door and put my earphones in and yoga my heart out.  There’s something to be said for stretching and deep breathing and relaxation, especially when you have the amount of high energy that I have.  It does a body good, literally.  It soothes my mind and allows me time to clear my head and meditate at the end. 

Ask me if I would have done this five years and ago and I would have laughed in your face.  Check my medial records five years ago and you would have thought I was a hospice patient.  No lie.  Stress kills. 

I appreciate quiet nights in and glasses of sparkling wine and a cocktail here and there.  I enjoy my yoga radio as my main Pandora station and my breaths are deeper and longer and noisier.

Fingers spread apart and palms together and fingers pointing the sky.  It’s just serene.  Now I can get on with my day and maybe throw in a quick run in later too.

Breathe in and exhale out and relax and let it be a relaxing Sunday as it should be before the bustle of our week begins in just a matter of hours. 

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