What’s On Your Shelf ?

Shelves.  They’re everywhere.  For floors and walls, tall and short, wood and metal, all kinds and the price points vary just as much as the look.

I have found some great items and prices on http://www.jossandmain.com.  Shipping is expedient and the prices are always great and sometimes it saves me a trip to TJMaxx or HomeGoods.

Each shelf cost less than $100 and to me that was a steal.

Now the fun part was what to fill the shelves with.

When Will moved in he brought with him more books than clothes (not shoes – ha).  We decided to move some of them onto the shelves and then I decided to fill the empty spaces with items dear to our hearts and items I found while randomly perusing through some of my favorite stores.

We have a rabbit, Fred the Bunny, and he’s a hoot.  He’s bossy and runs over the cats and chases the dog and puts everyone in their place.  I have an adoration for bunnies, eggs, Easter etc.  Sprinkled throughout these shelves are large gold or glass eggs (TJMaxx and Marshalls), white marble and gold fixtures (HomeGoods), nutcracker bunnies (World Market), gold bicycle bookends (Target), an orchid in hibernation (Costco).  There are also two mason jars with little love notes to me from Logan and Stella along with some tulips Stella made in school and some marbleish looking rocks found on one of our mountain hikes.  It’s the little things that count and add up and turn a bleh wooden shelf into a lovely fixture with heartfelt goodies on its surfaces.

The only downside…my OCD…I have to clean them all the time and dust everything.  In my next life when I come back as a millionaire, I will buy shelves with glass doors that keep the dust out and away!!!!

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