Treasure Troves

I used to hate places like TJMaxx, Marshalls , Home Goods etc.  But now I love them.  I might be in the stores for more than an hour, but it’s totally worth it.  I am always good and leave with only one or two items.  I recently went to shop with a co-worker of mine.  She had an agenda.  She was looking for decorations for her cubicle at our office.  She ended up with a lot of goodies for very little money.

I ended up wandering around through the different sections, finding my eyes caught by either color or theme.  I ended up in the wood art wall decor and found an arrow of sorts in shades of aqua and a gold glittered center.

It goes well with the rest of the decor in the family room.  I was more than pleased with this purchase and it was 50% off the ticketed price.

I also found a glass vase covered in gold polka dots.  I am constantly buying flowers at Trader Joe’s and thought this would display my inexpensive floral finds just perfectly.


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