Peach Cobbler

It’s Sunday and it’s a big supper day which includes dessert.  Today I decided on Peach Cobbler.  I had these 4 huge peaches I picked up and decided to make them into the star of a dessert.


1 3/4 c Flour

1 Tbsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

Sift or whisk the above

Then add in 6 Tbsp cold unsalted butter

Mix with a pastry cutter till pea sized

Make a well

Add in a mixture of heavy cream and vanilla almondmilk (3/4 c total)

Mix into the dry ingredients


Cut up into chunks or slices your preference

1/2 sugar

2 Tbsp corn starch

Mix together

Pour into a 2 quart 2 inch high dish and then take chunks of the biscuit dough and plop on top of the juicy peaches…brush with some heavy cream and sprinkle with sugar

375 degrees

45 minutes

It’ll be bubbly and the top will be crunchy and then moist underneath!

Sunday Supper

After waking up from a great nights sleep I decided to throw some cinnamon rolls together….some Korean soup for lunch after hot yoga and tonight is grilled salmon with roasted cauliflower and tomatoes sprinkled with garlic and finally roasted potatoes with garlic olive oil and basil infused olive oil….and a wheel of Brie baked in the oven drizzled with honey to smear on some crackers…..

The weather is finally changing in AZ. It’s time for stews and chicken and dumplings and hearty roasted veggies covered in breadcrumbs and grated gruyere cheese….apple crisps fresh out of the oven and galettes with winter fruits….I cannot wait…enjoy your Autumn evenings and hearty dinners that are right around the corner 😊🍁🥘🏡

Apple Cake for All

Apples on top of a fluffy yummy cake and right out of the oven sounds like heaven to me.

There are so many food blogs out there these days.  I religiously follow 4.  That’s right 4.  Out of the tens of thousands there are 4 I rely on.

Smitten Kitchen is about this wonderful woman who lives in NYC and out of her ‘tiny’ NY apartment come these wonderful foodie delights that will charm the pants off our super snotty friends.  They’re lovely recipes with even more scrumptious outcomes.

Mom’s Apple Cake is an easy recipe and quite welcoming for the Fall season and truly brings joy to the table and mouths of those it’s feeding.  I decided tonight, a few days after my birthday, to stop and make a cake I could enjoy outside in the cool autumn breeze after the kids are off to sleep.

Make this and don’t delay, the smell is lovely, the sight is pleasing and the taste is mouth watering.  Thank you Ms. Perelman for your culinary genius and heartfelt food.

Unicorn Pillow

I love this unicorn pillow to death.  His eyes are how I feel most days even though I may be looking like a lovely unicorn, my overall skepticism of others frames my brow.

Etsy has little treasures hidden throughout the site.  I have bought little trinkets as well as several different kinds of gifts and items for myself.  Most of the items are homemade from tiny little shops in the middle of nowhere.  They’re great because every Tom, Dick and Harry doesn’t own what you have and they’re unique.  In the age of GAP and Nordstrom, it’s nice to find things that no one else has or could possibly own in the near future.

This ostrich print happens to be one of my favorite purchases.  It’s a sketch of an ostrich where its tail is constructed of living flowers and then photographed.  It’s on my wall in the family room above the big couch and it’s quite lovely.

I bought this handkerchief for one of my girlfriends when she got married, something old-something blue.

This shop has come in handy for cute party essentials that all match or go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Like I said Etsy has a few surprises and it’s nice not be able to give and get items that not everyone has in their home/bedroom/closet.  Give it a try.

Plant-Based Yummies

Last night I made tofu/vegetable stir fry with steamed rice….the other night it was marinara with plant-based ground crumbles and linguine….we have had chili and taco night with plant based grilled ‘chicken’ strips too.


Beyond Meat has become our go to brand of plant-based proteins.  None of it tastes like plants or fake anything.  It acquires the taste that its being cooked in and it really is scrumptious and very good for you.  We still eat meat once or twice a week in combination with seafood too.

We also are moving towards less dairy, sugar and eggs.  We use egg whites on occasion if we are having scrambled eggs and eat So Delicious Cashewmilk ice cream instead of cow’s milk ice cream.  Honestly, you can’t tell the difference, but your body can and it will thank you in the long run.

We still have the occasional cupcake in an ice cream cone or hot fudge or rainbow sprinkles on our cashewmilk ice cream but it’s all in moderation.  We have a salad at every meal even when we’d rather be eating french fries.  We drink water instead of Gatorade and juice or soda.  Our bodies weren’t meant to process so much artificial and dead tissue.  We have to do what we can to preserve our health.  What’s alarming is someone recently asked me if I had cancer.  Me: Ummm, no, why are you asking?  Them: Oh because you eat like a cancer patient.  Me: Exactly my point, eat like this now and avoid cancer.

Be kind to your body and what goes into it and fuels it.  It matters.


Take-Out or Sit Down

Sometimes you gotta do it.  You gotta order take-out, bring a pizza home or go sit somewhere and remember to use your table manners.  Take-out and dining out doesn’t have to equal garbage choices.

There are lots of healthy food choices out there, you just have to be smart about it and pick the right yummies so no one spends the evening on the toilet, ha!

Here are a few great options around the area where I live….

Pita Jungle is a great place to find vegetarian options along with some of the best marinated chicken in town that’s grilled to perfection.

Spinatos has great thin crust pizza with a sweeter sauce and really great fresh vegetable toppings.

St. Francis is a lovely restaurant setting with lovely food.  Their ingredients are always in season and the atmosphere is really peaceful.  They may have the best homemade bread and jam in town too.

Flower Child has excellent vegetarian and vegan options, portions are completely under control and their house made Kombucha is really a treat at the end of your Forbidden Rice bowl.

I am sure there are hundreds of others, but this handful of choices will make your mouth water and you’ll be glad that every once in a while you let someone else do the hard work in the kitchen.





Oh Snap!

Bowtie pasta

Dollops of ricotta cheese

Fresh squeezed lemon 🍋

Sugar snap peas

Boil the pasta and drain

Olive oil in a pan with salt and pepper and some crushed red pepper

Add the lemon juice and snap peas

Stir in the pasta and a little of the water it boiled in

Season with a little butter and salt and pepper

Plop in spoonfuls of the ricotta and let sit

Serve with a yummy tossed salad 🥗